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The team that works for you

We are a father-son team with 27 years of combined real estate experience serving the Arcadia, Pasadena, San Marino and surrounding communities. When you choose us to assist you in your next transaction, you are empowering a team of two professionals to work for you. Combined with Henry’s decades of experience and Howard’s technological savvy internet and international marketing, your home will be prominently marketed to all interested parties!

Don’t hesitate and call us today and hear it from us how we can help you in your next real estate transaction!

Make an informed and correct decision before you choose your Realtor. Learn more about Howard and Henry Ran or call us today for free at 877-251-6668 or 626-535-3022.

What does the 168 in USAHome168.com mean?

As you may know, in Chinese tradition, there are certain combination of numbers that are considered lucky and with fortune. The numbers 168 (yi-lu-fa) have a phonetic resemblance to the Chinese meaning for ‘The Road to Fortune’. Unsurprisingly, this is also a set of numbers that can be easily remembered by the Chinese and other Asian cultures. We have a separate website completely in Chinese to cater for our Chinese overseas buyers interested in your property. Our global reach in the Pacific Rim (China, Taiwan, Hong Kong) is one of the many reasons why many people choose our team to represent them in real estate transactions. Call us today!